• Visit the Mann family
    You learn everything you need to know about the amazing Family in the Buddenbrookhaus.
  • The walk-in novel
    Experience the world-famous novel Buddenbrooks with all senses
  • Selfie with Tommy
    This is only possible in the Buddenbrookhaus.

World Literature at Home

Behind the white front of Buddenbrook House, built in 1758, lies one of the most unique literary museums in the world, created for Expo 2000 as the world’s only literature project. In the permanent exhibition »The Buddenbrooks – Novel of the Century«, a piece of international literature becomes living reality: Thomas Mann’s book in one’s hand, one enters the upstairs rooms of the historic family home to find the novel reproduced as a walk-in story – an invitation to join in a literary puzzle. In a second exhibition »The Manns – a family of authors«, the lives and works of this »amazing family« unfold chronologically. Numerous sound and film recordings invite the visitor to discover the Manns in a particularly personal way.

Opening hours

Due to extensive reconstruction measures, the Buddenbrookhaus will probably remain closed until 2023. 

Visit the exhibition "Buddenbrooks in the Behnhaus" in the Museum Behnhaus Drägerhaus Königstrasse 9-11 in Lübeck



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